With an unemployment rate of 2.9% we have a seller’s market for the first time in years.

Wages are about 17.5% lower in the St. Cloud MSA (Stearns and Benton County) compared to the Twin Cities. However, not all occupations pay less here. In fact many have higher wages due to increased demand.

  • Keep in mind that many factors that are hard to value but still need to be considered. (flexibility, career progression, benefits, training, commute, stress)
  • The average MN family needs to earn almost $13,000 more per year to have the same modest lifestyle in the Twin Cities. ($4.17/hr. more for both workers)
  • If the family has 2 children the cost difference climbs to roughly $20,000 per year! ($5.91/hr. more for both workers)

Deed graph2

Deed graph1

Data concluded by Luke Greiner, DEED.