As an employer in the St Cloud area, you may be wondering what advantages Greater St. Cloud JobSpot can offer you. Well, how about a pool of highly motivated job-seekers local to the St. Cloud area?

Greater St. Cloud JobSpot’s monthly traffic skews overwhelmingly in favor of having a surplus of prospective employees, so you can easily find someone who will be a good fit for your company’s culture.


Our site gets an average of 6,000 monthly visits from highly motivated people; from college grads just starting out, to experienced workers looking for a change in career. At present, there are only about 500 companies registered on the site, posting on average 500 jobs a month to take advantage of this ever-growing resource.

This ratio of Employee to Employer is ideal for a few reasons. As an employer, it allows you to have options and be a little more discerning in your hiring practices. You will still have a reasonably small pool of resumes coming in so that your HR department won’t be pulling their hair out trying to sift through them all. As an employee, it gives you a bit of reassurance that you’re more likely to be a good fit at the company because they chose you over all the other applicants.


Another major thing that sets Greater St. Cloud JobSpot apart are the Coffee & Careers events we put on every few months. If you have never been to one, consider signing up. It’s a small, casual meetup between local employers and prospective employees – it’s basically a miniature job fair, but without the impersonality of a larger event. Plus, there’s free coffee; who doesn’t love that?

If you aren’t already registered on, there is no better time than the present. Browse local job listings or potential hires- all local, all available in one place.