We understand job searching can be stressful and overwhelming. JobSpot is here to make your life easier! By simply adding your updated resume to the Greater St. Cloud JobSpot website, you are giving St. Cloud area employers the opportunity to find you! Let Greater St. Cloud JobSpot work for you to help you attain your new career!

Similar to how job seekers are able to search for jobs on Greater St. Cloud JobSpot, employers are able to use advanced search features to find registered job seekers. This means employers can then reach out to registered job seekers for open positions that the job seeker might not have even applied for!

This is why it is important to have a complete and updated profile! The employee search feature gives employers the ability to find a good match for their open positions. By finishing your profile and uploading your resume, you could have an employer reach out to you with an opportunity that you might not have seen before.

So What Does My Profile Look Like?

When uploading your resume you have many options to customize your profile. Upload your current resume or copy and paste it to your profile. Fill out the objective portion of your profile; this is the spot to add your value proposition. The objective will be the first thing that an employer will see when looking at your profile, so make sure you spend the time to make this stand out! Additionally, there are spaces to add your employment history and education to showcase your prior experiences and unique skills.

So Employers Can Reach Out to Me?

Yes! Employers have the ability to reach out to you through a variety of mediums.

  • Private Message – Employers can message you through Greater St. Cloud JobSpot using the private messenger feature.
  • Email – Employers may reach out to you via email. Your email is listed on your profile.
  • Phone – List your current phone number and employers could call you with job opportunities.

What if I Don’t Want My Current Employer to See Me on JobSpot?

Greater St. Cloud JobSpot gives you the ability to “hide” your profile to certain employers or make available to only certain employers. This setting is available from the “upload resume” tab.

What If I am Not Actively Job Seeking?

You don’t need to be actively job seeking to have a resume on JobSpot. Posting your resume on JobSpot would show that you are open to new positions and opportunities. If you have aspirations to move up inside your current or desired field, why not make yourself available for new opportunities?

Need Help with Your Resume?

Resources by Greater St. Cloud JobSpot has everything you need to create a great resume. Download example cover letters and templates, get great tips to help you create the perfect resume and hear from St. Cloud leaders about what they look for when hiring. Additionally, job seekers can find interview tips, a LinkedIn guide, networking advice, relocation information, job search, and much more!

Upload your Resume today!