Keeping good employees on staff is something many companies struggle with. When attracting and retaining talent, it is important to recognize that one strategy will not work effectively for everyone. Implementing several different strategies is important to maximize your company’s employee retention and attract a qualified pool of job seekers.

Be Creative when Recruiting

If applicants aren’t steadily coming to you, consider it a perfect time to get creative with your recruiting strategies. Do some research to find the best places for qualified candidates within the community. lists a few ideas to generate new recruits that include wacky commercials, recruiting cards, and billboards. Implementing a recruiting program at your company can be very successful as well. Encourage employees to refer people in their network to join your company. Current employees will have a good idea of the kind of talent that will fit in the company, and incentives to recruit will generate even more creative ideas from your current staff.

Engage and Involve Your Employees

As stated above, getting your employees involved in the recruiting process can be extremely helpful. Encourage their ideas and perspectives on identifying and adding to your company’s core values, mission, vision, goals, and company events. By doing so, this will encourage your employees to be a part of something bigger and will also attract talent to a company who values others’ opinions.

Offer Internships and Encourage Growth

Hosting an internship program is not only a major asset to your company and its production, but it is also a recruiting tool to find top talent. A successful internship program enables your company to have an ongoing channel of future full-time employees. Encourage your interns to succeed and grow within your company by giving them the mechanisms to do so. Partner with local colleges and universities to promote your internships and to connect with a vast network of students.

By hiring interns and offering a quality internship program, you will help spread the word about your organization and attract a large amount of student talent. This will help your organization to retain talented individuals who already have experience with your company. You can post your internship positions for free on


Networking is critical. Get in touch with the Career Services Department at local Colleges and Universities, attend networking meetings and groups in the community, create and maintain a complete LinkedIn profile, and connect with as many local professionals as you can. They might know the perfect person to fill the role for which you are recruiting.

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